Season One, Round Five Recap

Somehow it’s been 5 weeks already into High School League, and they’ve certainly been fantastic weeks. Today we’ve got a real barn-burner and some clinical showings from top contenders, and with the school holidays coming up, this was a last opportunity in a while for some teams to make a statement on the stage. Everyone took their opportunities, so enjoy this instalment of HSL Recap! And for those secondary school students out there, enjoy the break, we all deserve it.

Mt Roskill Grammar School vs Selwyn College

The first game of the day was first-placed Mt. Roskill Grammar School going up against bottom of the pack Selwyn College. Selwyn opted for a Protect The AD Carry composition with four tanks to complement their Jhin, while Mt. Roskill were playing the patch notes as they pulled out the two newest champs as well as multiple recently buffed champions. The game was always in Mt. Roskill’s favour, trading First Blood for a massive early jungle invade that propelled their Graves far far ahead.

The gold lead climbed and climbed, with Kedu’s Kai’Sa and cnm’s Graves being the true carries for MRGS, both finishing with 12 kills to their name. In the 32 kills to 9 stomp, Selwyn couldn’t manage to kickstart their Jhin and didn’t manage to take down a single turret. A twenty-one thousand gold lead was the prize for MRGS’ dominance, and the game didn’t even last 20 minutes before MRGS broke the Nexus in their most dominant win yet.

Christ’s College vs Wellington College

This game was easily one of the best we’ve seen this year on High School League, and I recommend watching it if you want to see a titanic clash between two very good schools. It was Christ’s College vs Wellington College and it was a brilliant contest. Until the final few minutes, it was impossible to call, the only difference being a few towers in favour of Wellington College. Pool Party Bard on Swain set the tempo of the game, taking over the early game to push WC slightly ahead.

But Christ’s weren’t done yet. Multiple back and forward fights gave no clear winner, and CC kept nipping at Wellington’s heels. Christ’s College snagged themselves a Baron and attempted to stall out the game a bit longer, but as a 30 minute game turned into a 40 minute one, the 5k gold lead for Wellington gave them the advantage they needed to win a crucial teamfight and with it, the victory.

Cornerstone Christian School vs Albany Senior High School

The Challenger game of the day was a really one-sided contest as well, as El Fresco Codz’s Irelia laid waste to the game, picking up 6 kills by 15 minutes. Kills went left, right and centre and as the game rolled past the 20 minute mark it looked far, far out of the reach of Cornerstone to claw back. Irelia snagged the first turret and ASHS really went on demolition duty as the game progressed, walking around the map in small packs to always have a member of CCS on a grey screen.

The 25-minute mark spelt the beginning of the end, with a fight in the jungle giving over a very easy Baron to Albany Senior High School. Minions and champions empowered, ASHS stomped down the midlane as they picked off multiple members of CCS. A clean Yasuo ultimate initiated the final teamfight as ASHS dashed around CCS to blow up the turrets and finally the Nexus with their twenty-thousand gold lead for a well-deserved victory.

High School League takes a two week break for the school holidays, but be sure to join us on Monday 30th for round six, as 3 more teams go head to head over on Twitch and SKY Sport, and schools around New Zealand continue their quest to be the best. 

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