Season One, Week Four Recap

Howdy everyone, it’s that time of the week again! We’ve got some fantastic games in this week’s HSL, so be sure to keep reading for some great highlights! This week’s game was a melting pot of game styles, with stomps and close games making appearances. As the season goes on, we’re beginning to see the teams that can challenge for the titles this year, so look for good players to keep an eye on as the season advances. But now, enjoy this instalment of HSL Recap!

Macleans College vs Howick College

It was yet another Auckland derby when Macleans College took on Howick College in our first game of the day. The game started with a very cheesy level 1 gank, and early on it looked like Howick’s AD Carry “H4MMY” was going to carry, picking up his team’s first three kills on the newest champion, Kai’Sa. There was a bit of a brawl in the botlane at 13 minutes, with multiple kills being traded each side. The gold differential was negligible, with only 500 between the teams before a monstrous battle pushed the lead 2k into Howick’s favour

Macleans’ AD Carry wasn’t going to go down without a fight, and relentlessly attacked the enemy botlane to pick up a few kills. The game devolved into an absolute bloodbath as the midlane disappeared into a sea of blood, with kills going left and right. Howick managed to pull out the Baron, and it wasn’t long before their gold lead grew larger and they smashed into Macleans’ base. One last fight and Howick were rewarded with a 30 minute win with even kills but a 7k gold lead

Ashburton College vs Burnside High School

The second Premier game of the day was a Canterbury derby, with brand-new HSL team Ashburton College going up against mainstays Burnside High School. From the outset, the game was firmly in Burnside’s favour, with their jungler BHS Bengi being a massive playmaker, contributing to BHS’ first 4 kills. Through pure skill, Burnside managed to create a 5k gold lead by 12 minutes, bagging two Ocean Drakes and the Rift Herald while they were at it.

The lead blew out to 5 turrets to nothing as well as a 10k gold by 20 minutes. More towers, kills and drakes went Burnside’s way, and as the game dragged on it became more and more unlikely that Ashburton would be able to do anything. The big purple worm was killed, no contest, and Burnside thundered down the top lane with a massive wave of minions in tow. A clean ace shortly followed as Burnside took a commanding 26 minute win.

New Plymouth Boys High School vs Tauranga Boys College

Our final match of the day was our second look at Tauranga Boys College after they produced one of the most memorable moments of HSL so far, and veterans New Plymouth had obviously done their homework when they banned Illaoi away from Fross. Game started quietly, but New Plymouth ramped up as their Sejuani picked up four kills, effectively forcing TBC’s Xerath onto a permanent grey screen with 3 early deaths. A trip top from Sejuani also yielded further fruit, locking the game into NPBHS’ favour

New Plymouth turned this game into a walk in the park, taking kills and towers in all lanes with abandon. A 22-minute Baron turned into 3 kills, and an 11k gold lead and an Ocean Drake for NPBHS as the game snowballed further and further out of control. Tauranga’s siege composition managed to stall the game out until 35 minutes when a few quick kills on Tauranga’s doorstep tipped them over the edge, and TBC surrendered to give New Plymouth a well-deserved victory.

High School League takes a break next week for Easter, but be sure to join us on Monday 9th for round five, as 3 more teams go head to head over on Twitch and SKY Sport, and schools around New Zealand continue their quest to be the best. 

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