Season One, Week Three Recap

We’re already 3 weeks into High School League for 2018, and boy it’s been a cracker of a season so far. We’ve seen that red side has absolutely dominated so far this season on the stream, going 6-0, although I feel the winds are a’changing.  Today we’ve got some very good schools competing, so keep your eyes glued to your phone, computer, tablet, or wherever you’re reading this on, because there’s been some crazy plays this week. Enjoy this week’s HSL Recap!

Mt Albert Grammar School vs King’s College

The first game of the day was between 2017 Grand Finalists Mt Albert Grammar and King’s College, we’d already seen King’s in action this year in HSL in the first streamed game of the year. The game was an absolute bloodbath, with MAGS’ Tristana picking up 4 kills in a bloody few minutes before ramping up to a whopping 14/5/11 KDA before the game’s end. The game from the outset looked like it was going Kings’ way, but a few clever plays allowed MAGS to surge back and they began to take over the game



The game swung massively into MAGS’ favour, with turrets falling left, right and centre, allowing Mt Albert to splash the cash to power up their champions even further. With the game snowballing further and further out of King’s College’s control, they made multiple attempts to make plays, but it was too late. hamill’s Twisted Fate popped off as well, going 9/1/16 as MAGS thundered to a 32/14 kill lead, up 20k gold and 11 turrets to 0. Mt Albert made a statement, with the 26:34 win sounding a battle cry to all the other teams that they were here to do business

Tawa College vs Cashmere High School

Game number two was all Tawa College as their jungler on Kha’Zix and midlaner on Katarina absolutely dominated the game with some crisp help from their AD Carry,  Jinx. Kha’Zix was continuously venturing into Cashmere’s jungle and basically forcing Cashmere’s jungler on Jarvan to sit and watch the game from afar as he was killed multiple times, 5 times in 18 minutes. By 20 minutes, Tawa had a 7k gold lead, 3 turrets to nothing and twice as many kills as Cashmere.


A titanic battle in the midlane turned Baron over to Tawa College, and they did not hesitate in pressing their advantage, spending the next 5-10 minutes taking towers and getting more kills to increase their gold lead to 19k with 4 Drakes to boot. It wasn’t much for them to walk down the midlane and take out Cashmere in one last slugfest to take a very impressive win in 31:53 as all of Cashmere stared at the Nexus through grey screens

ACG Senior College vs Mt Albert Grammar School 5

The early few minutes of the game was all about ACG, as the unorthodox Kai’Sa jungle popped off after picking up First Blood, taking 5 more kills before 16 minutes, while Children Zed’s Gnar in the toplane punished Galio and multiple ganks. With 4 kills to his name, the Gnar was also a major threat to the side of MAGS5, and with a 10k gold lead at 18 minutes, this game was long gone for Mt Albert’s 5th squad, and a monstrous ace a minute later put the last nails in the coffin

ACG continuously pressed their advantage, picking up kills everywhere as they picked up Baron and continued to carry out demolition duty on MAGS5’s towers. With a gold lead tipping over 20k, it was trivial for ACG to stomp into MAGS5’s base, and with one last fight at the Nexus Turrets, ACG knocked them over as well to take a well-deserved 21:55 win.

Join us next Monday night for round three, as 3 more teams go head to head over on Twitch and SKY Sport, and schools around New Zealand continue their quest to be the best. 


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