Season One, Week Two Recap

Welcome back to HSL Recap! This week, we’ve got cross-country as well as cross-city battles, and a huge variation in the type of games going on. From monster stomps to calm and collected late games, this week of High School League has it all! So sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s HSL Recap! And if you want to watch this week’s games, you can head over to Twitch

Mt Roskill Grammar School 2 vs Lynfield College 1

The game of the week was Mt Roskill Grammar School’s second team doing battle against Lynfield College. In the vein of HSL’s most famous graduate, OPL team Tectonic’s Ari “Shok” Greene-Young, Lynfield College’s toplaner “GO BACK TO BOTS” picked Urgot into Trundle. That lane was bloodthirsty from the beginning, with kills going back and forward between the two toplaners. CupNoodle was everywhere on Taliyah, setting multiple kills for MRGS in all lanes to be 2/1/6 with 80% kill participation by 20 minutes.

Lynfield weren’t going down without a fight, and clawed their way back into the game, taking a Baron and eking out a 3k gold lead from knocking down the midlane inhibitor turret at 24 minutes. The game became a lot more bloody, with Lynfield leading in kills 19-15 at 30 minutes after Chickenkillsall pushed all the way to the Nexus Turrets on his Trundle. The game swung back and forward and was insanely close at 35 minutes, with identical gold scores. Lynfield picked up Baron and Elder Dragon, but couldn’t end. The game stalled until 45 minutes when a 5v5 inside MRGS’ base went Lynfield’s way and they smashed down the Nexus.

Taupo nui-a-Tia College 1 vs Shirley Boys High School 1

It was Waikato vs Canterbury when the awesomely-named TNT College went up against Shirley Boys High School. First and second turret dropped for Shirley Boys as well as third and fourth, yet there were no kills until the 21st minute where Shirley Boys picked up three quick kills before conceding one of their own. However, they were leading by two Ocean Drakes and 5 turrets to nil, so the game was firmly in their favour.


Baron followed for Shirley Boys, and it wasn’t long before they were knocking on the door of TNT College’s base. Setting up a siege in the midlane, Shirley Boys managed to take down the midlane Inhibitor Turret before taking the Inhibitor seconds later. Sensing it was their last chance, TNT College attempted to pounce but were swatted away by Shirley Boys and their monstrous lead. Shirley walked up the Nexus Turrets and they quickly crumbled and TNT could only watch from their grey screens as Shirley Boys won in 31:09.

Te Aroha College vs Tauranga Boys College

This week’s Challenger game was Te Aroha College taking on Tauranga Boys College in a Blind Pick game as opposed to the usual Competitive Draft format. This resulted in comfort picks across the board. First Blood went over to Tauranga Boys after their Rammus ganked to give an easy kill to the Twitch. More kills followed for Tauranga Boys, sharing the love between everyone except their toplaner, whose Illaoi had already bullied the opposing Camille out of lane.

It wasn’t long before kills abounded, with Illaoi splitpushing in the toplane for Tauranga Boys giving multiple points of pressure. Tauranga Boys has 20 kills at 20 minutes, but it wouldn’t take long for that number to skyrocket as Fross’ Illaoi 1v4ed Te Aroha to pick up 3 kills.

The game was firmly in the control of Tauranga Boys, and they had no qualms about pressing their advantage to have a 17k gold lead and a Baron at 25 minutes. Storming into Te Aroha’s base, Tauranga Boys quickly stomped Te Aroha to win with 35 kills to 9, a now 22k gold lead and 10 towers to nothing in a 26:18 domination.

Join us next Monday night for round three, as 3 more teams go head to head over on Twitch and SKY Sport, and schools around New Zealand continue their quest to be the best. 

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