Season One, Week One Recap

Welcome to the first HSL Recap, where you’ll be able to read up on the three broadcasted games of High School League each week! I’ll be going over the games in brief detail, but you’ll be able to see who won, who carried, and who needs to go back to the Practice Tool for their next games. There’s also a highlighted clip from each game so you can relive the moment – so sit back, relax, and enjoy our HSL Recap!

Kristin School vs Kings College

The first game of Week Two was Kristin School going up against Kings College. The combination of Kings’ jungler and midlaner in theonlypro and Fatal Zed launched their team to an early gold lead.  Fatal Zed frequently solokilled DannyHuang72’s Lux on his Yasuo, while theonlypro’s Vi made a quite a few trips to the botlane to help out Emeow and Lazie Puppie’s Kog’Maw and Nami respectively, setting up his team for the rest of the game. Kristin had nowhere to go, with Kings bearing down all their lanes with constant pressure.

Kings were hungry for blood, and  and teamfight in the toplane at 26 minutes was the final nail in the coffin, with a 12k gold lead to Kings allowing them to cleanly ace Kristin and move onto the Baron. With the buff granted to them by the death of the big purple worm, it only took four more minutes for Kings to smash open Kristin’s base, with another ace ending the game in just over 30 minutes

Burnside Premier vs St. Patrick’s Silverstream

Burnside Premier vs St. Patrick’s Silverstream was just as much a one-sided game as the first, with 2017 semifinalists Burnside racing out to a lead, and maintaining it for the rest of the game. Burnside kept SPS’ gold to a minimum, with a 9k gold lead at 20 minutes as well as two Infernal Drakes and 5 towers. Burnside’s midlaner and AD Carry took over the game, Lotus’ Vladimir and Draven’s Xayah creating havoc for SPS to deal with.

With two drakes under their belt, Burnside looked to the Mountain Drake for their third, however, although it was started by Burnside, it was stolen away by SPS’ jungler prge on Jax to give a small consolation prize. The ensuing teamfight went resoundingly in Burnside’s favour, and they moved up the river to take the Baron. Their combat power massively increased, Burnside ventured into SPS’ base and aced them one more time to finish the game with a 16k gold lead, 19 kills to 1, 9 towers to 1 in a 25:35 domination.

Burnside Challenger vs Albany College

The last game of the day was also the only Challenger Division match, with Burnside’s Challenger team taking on Albany College, yet it was only a tad less one-sided The early game was all Albany, with Won Kimochi’s Xerath and Big Doink’s Yasuo picking up early kills onto Burnside’s Veigar as well as the first Mountain Drake and the Cloud Drake. Xerath was the true carry of this game, comprising most of Albany’s 7k gold lead at 20 minutes. The rest of it was the 4 towers that Albany had taken as opposed to Burnside’s 0.

A Baron gave Albany the opportunity to crack open Burnside’s base, with a teamfight in the bottom half of the base yielding multiple kills for Albany as well as the rest of the inhibitors. A reset was all they needed to once again storm into Burnside’s base and ace the Challenger side for a dominant 27:50 victory and red side’s third victory of the night. Albany ended the game with a 17k gold lead, 11 towers to Burnside’s 0 and 3 Drakes. Burnside only managed 7 kills as opposed to Albany’s 21.

Written by Alex Leckie-Zaharic


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