Season One, Semi Final Recap

Tawa College vs Mt Albert Grammar School Game 1 The first game of the best-of-3 series almost got off to a blistering start as Mt. Albert Grammar’s botlane of Xayah and Rakan lay in wait in the botlane tribush for Tawa College to arrive, forcing a flash from jboc’s Sivir. The long con came to...
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Season One, Round Six Recap

Tawa College vs  Burnside High School This game started with a bang as Tawa’s jungler on Wukong turned around a gank onto his team’s Singed top to take down Burnside’s Graves jungler and Gnar top. Max’s Wukong was still bloodthirsty, hurtling down to midlane to help Pecha Berry’s Vladimir establish a lead over Burnside’s midlane...
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Season One, Round Five Recap

Somehow it’s been 5 weeks already into High School League, and they’ve certainly been fantastic weeks. Today we’ve got a real barn-burner and some clinical showings from top contenders, and with the school holidays coming up, this was a last opportunity in a while for some teams to make a statement on the stage. Everyone...
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Season One, Week Four Recap

Howdy everyone, it’s that time of the week again! We’ve got some fantastic games in this week’s HSL, so be sure to keep reading for some great highlights! This week’s game was a melting pot of game styles, with stomps and close games making appearances. As the season goes on, we’re beginning to see the...
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High School League of Legends Championship: AU & NZ

Registration Now Open! High School League of Legends Australian & New Zealand Championships High School  League (HSL) is pleased to announce it’s opening it’s free League of Legends esports competition for ACT, NSW and Queensland High Schools.  Ninety-five New Zealand High School teams currently compete in the New Zealand League. Each Australian state & territory...
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Season One, Week Three Recap

We’re already 3 weeks into High School League for 2018, and boy it’s been a cracker of a season so far. We’ve seen that red side has absolutely dominated so far this season on the stream, going 6-0, although I feel the winds are a’changing.  Today we’ve got some very good schools competing, so keep...
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Season One, Week Two Recap

Welcome back to HSL Recap! This week, we’ve got cross-country as well as cross-city battles, and a huge variation in the type of games going on. From monster stomps to calm and collected late games, this week of High School League has it all! So sit back, relax, and enjoy this week’s HSL Recap! And...
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Season One, Week One Recap

Welcome to the first HSL Recap, where you’ll be able to read up on the three broadcasted games of High School League each week! I’ll be going over the games in brief detail, but you’ll be able to see who won, who carried, and who needs to go back to the Practice Tool for their...
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Grand Final Audience
Players Gone Pro!


The High School League (HSL) aspires to provide high schoolers with a fun, competitive, and rewarding esports experience, similar to traditional high school sports. We promote esports as a positive experience that opens up sports team building, leadership opportunities and self improvement to a wider range of students outside traditional seasonal field and court sports.

There’s a persistent myth that videogames are bad for schoolwork. We are working towards changing that with High School League by ensuring the motivating factor to be eligible is in the effort that they apply to their school work and having fun with friends – this is paramount.

HSL IN 2017

2017 was the inaugural year for High School League and it absolutely took off. Students were able to grow as both players and teammates over both splits of the year. This helped create friendships and develop sportsmanship over the year.

The teams that rose to the top of the league by the end of the second split had the dream opportunity to be flown to Auckland and represent their school in esports at Armageddon in front of a crowd of thousands of screaming fans both at the venue and watching online.

What we provide schools

  • The ability for students to compete in controlled competition in esports as a school team
  • Sporting events for the community and families of players to watch their team compete against other schools across New Zealand
  • Education of proper etiquette and sportsmanship in competitive environments


What schools will gain

  • Increased interest in school and academic engagement
  • Higher attendance and academic performance from participating students through mandatory HSL requirements
  • Increased self esteem from students who aren’t interested in physical athletics
  • Positive exposure to both the local, and, for the winners, national community

What students will gain

  • A sense of involvement otherwise not available to them
  • Tertiary education scholarships with Computer Power Plus
  • Co-ed interaction in a team setting
    Build work ethic and apply intellectual and strategic thinking to a game
  • Students will meet like-minded enthusiasts that share interests and passions resulting in an enhanced high school experience

HSL Guide Book

Download here

The High School League Guidebook is designed to quickly bring you up to speed with the HSL competition. Learn about the what we provide schools, the people behind the scenes, and what students gain from a rewarding esports experience.

Register Your School Now

Open for 2018

Registration is now open to schools for New Zealand, to register for next years High School League Tournament. Don’t miss out! Places in the premier division are limited so register today!

Contact Us

We're super friendly

If you are new to League of Legends and the world of esports, feel free to send us a message and one of our team will be back to you as soon as we can! 

HSL In The News

Just what exactly constitutes a sport?

While purists around the world debate the question, the video gaming community in New Zealand isn’t wasting any time waiting for an answer.

This week sees the launch of a nationwide eSports league featuring more than 50 teams from high schools around the country. 

With the rise in popularity of esports across the world, the opening many gamers have been craving is now within their grasps.

In just under 24 hours, Point & Click, New Zealand’s first secondary school esports competition starts tomorrow.

After months of battling it out, the HSL teams are fast approaching the finals. Of the 50 teams that entered the arena, 16 will qualify for the playoff clashes in late May.

It doesn’t require you to run, jump, lift or throw. In fact you don’t even have to stand up.

But ask the west Auckland esports community whether or not League of Legends is technically a sport, and you get the same, overwhelming response.